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Building Your Dream Home – The Process

Imagine living in your dream home, designed and built especially for you! Everything you’ve ever wanted in a house that caters for your entire family. Well, the reality of materialising this dream doesn’t have to be so far away. With work, time, energy and some great builders, you can be living in a brand new house fit to call home. However, there is a high level of perfection that is necessary to ensure your home is of high-quality and lasting, and so there is a process to follow. By understanding this process, you can be better assured of all that a new build entails.If you get in touch with us at New Level Solutions, we can help through this entire process, right from the start.

The first step for you is understanding your budget. Usually your budget needs to be increased by about 10% more than what you originally plan for. Remember to consider costs such as building materials, fixtures and labour.

At this point, it’s good to get familiar with your vision. What is it that you really want? From here you can speak with an architect who can help you get those dreams into plans and ensure all requirements are being met. Here your budget can be revised and costing reconsidered. Here, we can provide you with a final quote and run it all by the council. After a bit of documentation and paperwork, the building can begin!

Throughout the build we’ll always be a phone-call away and will be available for regular meetings and check ins so you can be sure that everything is going smoothly. When it’s all done, we’ll hand over the keys and keep in touch until you’re confident that your new home is everything you want it to be.

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New Builds vs Reno’s the Pro’s & Con’s

Over the years, it is normal for wear and tear to slowly bring down your home and maybe it doesn’t quite have that same charm it did all those years ago. Or maybe, you are looking to move into somewhere that you feel comfortable, happy and truly at home – and so you are faced with the question of renovating an existing space or starting fresh with a new build. The decision isn’t easy, with each option having their pros and cons, but here, we have outlined a few of them so that you can pick what is best for you. To renovate or to rebuild?

Renovation can be a great choice, especially if you have already built a house-worth of homely memories and sentiments, that you just don’t wish to leave. If there is only a couple of rooms that are causing you to consider change, a simple remodelling could do the trick! It’ll obviously be cheaper and quicker too – and you’ll back to a new familiarity in no time. However, it will take time (and some tedious work) to consider the integration between the new and old spaces. And there will be limitations in the changes/transformations that can be made. Sometimes the existing structure just won’t be able to accommodate that beautifully large vision of yours. Still though, if you’re just after a simple fix up, a renovation will do fine.

A new build on the other hand, doesn’t have the blessed familiarity of the renovation option – but maybe the refreshing nature of big change is exactly what you want! If you’re home is already showing its age, and you’re looking long-term, a new build makes sense. You can compile all your dreams and ideas into a space perfect for you and your family – ready to be called home. This process of course is more expensive, time-consuming and significant than a renovation. You would, for example, have to consider relocating yourself during the rebuild. However, starting over expands your options drastically – from a structural, design and lifestyle perspective.

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Auckland Home Builders You Can Trust

What does trust mean to you? Honest communication and transparency? An earned respect that has you feeling confident in your counterpart? Something that you can’t quite put into words – but you can just feel it? If you’re looking for Auckland home builders that you can trust, you can have faith in the abilities of New Level Solutions.

Your home is your haven and so it’s important to have someone you can trust handling it with care. The builders at New Level Solutions have the experience, knowledge and understanding to recognize and realize your dream and, with the careful treatment it deserves. Whether you’re looking for a quick fix, a holistic transformation, a restoration or want us to help fill an empty site with your brilliant vision, we are excited to hear all about it and help you through it. With a focus on open communication and project management, you can have confidence in the knowledge that we are here to help. You’ll have a dedicated project manager that is always only a simple phone call away. After years of building dreams, we know how to keep your build stress free and to assemble the magic you expect.

And you don’t just need to take our word for it. We’ve developed a 287 point checklist that covers even the most minute of details to keep everything on track and to keep ourselves accountable. Plus, our website is filled with the testimonials of previously satisfied clients from all over Auckland. You can trust New Level Solutions to work with you as you watch your new or improved home unfold.

What to consider when renovating villas and character homes.

The task of renovating your villa and character home can seem as daunting as it is rewarding. Many of such houses require work to be brought up to modern standards and efficiencies, plus it’s also nice just to show them some a little love and rejuvenate their unique aura, especially in considering character and space. Yet the seemingly extensive work that is required and the threat of them losing the character that makes them special, can make the process seem a lot more intimidating than it has to be. With some good planning, however, renovation (even large projects) can be fun, fulfilling and stress-free. To ensure your experience is the best it can be, here’s a few things to consider when renovating villas and character homes.
builders in aucklandbuilders in auckland

It’s important that when you are renovating your home, you don’t completely abandon everything that makes it special. So consider its character and architectural design – where does it work and where does it not? Sometimes keeping it it simple and trying to enhance its natural beauty is the best step forward. Which brings us to one of the biggest questions you’ll have to ask yourself – should you keep it traditional or take a more modern approach? In spaces like the kitchen, it usually pays to go one way or another – i.e work completely with the home’s architectural character or modernize it wholly. Ultimately these decisions come down to personal taste – with what will you feel most at home?

The floors are another key part to consider when thinking about the home’s character. Wood flooring is a nice direction to go, as it is relatively easy, affordable, long-lasting and stunning. If you’re hoping to keep a more traditional style, then more aged or rustic tones are recommended, while lighter tones a great to evoke a serene modernity.

Also, it can often work best to keep one key character feature around, for example if the ceiling is already quite busy (as they often are in villas), then simple and plain walls may be most effective.

Beyond the character, you also want your home to be practical and spacious – space being something that often needs to be maximised in villas and character homes. Carefully consider wardrobes and shelving to ensure there is enough storage space to meet your needs. By really considering the practical elements of setting up space, your home can become more open and spacious. The tones you use will have its own significance in maximising the depth and space of your home.

Learn how you can avoid unexpected costs when building your own home

The reward and fulfilment from building your own home is unmatched – offering you the chance to inhabit a space that is truly yours. But between that reality and this dream, there is, of course, work to be done. As certified & registered builders, New Level Solutions can help you through the process, ensuring it is built of love, effectiveness & affordability. Building your own home with a quality local builder like New Level Solutions, can actually be relatively cheap, if you can overcome the hidden costs that may creep up. To help you out, we’ve put together some ways that you can avoid these unexpected costs.

Prioritising – during your planning stage, it’s important to determine what is most important to you in the process of building your home. That way, you can know where to cut costs and when to spurge on more luxurious options. Often the hidden costs are an accumulation of many small decisions. From as early as sorting your floor plan, you will be faced with the decision of significance. You may wish to spend a decent amount on a solid architect to truly realise your dream, but there are also downloadable options available for purchase online, that while less personal, can work just as well with the fine touch of a great local builder.

Site Costs – site costs consider the preparation of purchased land, to get it ready to build on. Because this is often the most substantial of all costs (and the most variable), a lot of care will need to be taken. Much of the cost here will be based on your soil and contour tests, and include: clearing and grading the land, building an access road, electrically connecting the construction site, demolition and digging out the foundation. While many of these costs are difficult to completely avoid, with good land selection and a bit of luck, your Auckland home builders can help keep these costs on the lower end of the spectrum.

Modifications – constant changes of mind throughout the construction can run up large additional costs, through extra materials, labour, legal costs, drafting costs and more. The best way to overcome this, is solid planning from the get-go. If you have established a good relationship with your Auckland Home Builder, they can help keep you on track, while also being understanding of the realisation of your home.

Chip in yourself! – One way to keep costs low, is to find the moments wherein you can get down and dirty yourself – whether it’s a bit of DIY or a more substantial lot of work. Not only will this keep your prices lower, but it adds yet another personal element to your new home.

New Level Solutions are certified and registered builders in Auckland, who can help you throughout the entire process of building your home. Chat to Josh or Ben today!