22 Aug, 2019

Learn how you can avoid unexpected costs when building your own home

The reward and fulfilment from building your own home is unmatched – offering you the chance to inhabit a space that is truly yours. But between that reality and this dream, there is, of course, work to be done. As certified & registered builders, New Level Solutions can help you through the process, ensuring it is built of love, effectiveness & affordability. Building your own home with a quality local builder like New Level Solutions, can actually be relatively cheap, if you can overcome the hidden costs that may creep up. To help you out, we’ve put together some ways that you can avoid these unexpected costs.

Prioritising – during your planning stage, it’s important to determine what is most important to you in the process of building your home. That way, you can know where to cut costs and when to spurge on more luxurious options. Often the hidden costs are an accumulation of many small decisions. From as early as sorting your floor plan, you will be faced with the decision of significance. You may wish to spend a decent amount on a solid architect to truly realise your dream, but there are also downloadable options available for purchase online, that while less personal, can work just as well with the fine touch of a great local builder.

Site Costs – site costs consider the preparation of purchased land, to get it ready to build on. Because this is often the most substantial of all costs (and the most variable), a lot of care will need to be taken. Much of the cost here will be based on your soil and contour tests, and include: clearing and grading the land, building an access road, electrically connecting the construction site, demolition and digging out the foundation. While many of these costs are difficult to completely avoid, with good land selection and a bit of luck, your Auckland home builders can help keep these costs on the lower end of the spectrum.

Modifications – constant changes of mind throughout the construction can run up large additional costs, through extra materials, labour, legal costs, drafting costs and more. The best way to overcome this, is solid planning from the get-go. If you have established a good relationship with your Auckland Home Builder, they can help keep you on track, while also being understanding of the realisation of your home.

Chip in yourself! – One way to keep costs low, is to find the moments wherein you can get down and dirty yourself – whether it’s a bit of DIY or a more substantial lot of work. Not only will this keep your prices lower, but it adds yet another personal element to your new home.

New Level Solutions are certified and registered builders in Auckland, who can help you throughout the entire process of building your home. Chat to Josh or Ben today!