22 Aug, 2019

New Builds vs Reno’s the Pro’s & Con’s

Over the years, it is normal for wear and tear to slowly bring down your home and maybe it doesn’t quite have that same charm it did all those years ago. Or maybe, you are looking to move into somewhere that you feel comfortable, happy and truly at home – and so you are faced with the question of renovating an existing space or starting fresh with a new build. The decision isn’t easy, with each option having their pros and cons, but here, we have outlined a few of them so that you can pick what is best for you. To renovate or to rebuild?

Renovation can be a great choice, especially if you have already built a house-worth of homely memories and sentiments, that you just don’t wish to leave. If there is only a couple of rooms that are causing you to consider change, a simple remodelling could do the trick! It’ll obviously be cheaper and quicker too – and you’ll back to a new familiarity in no time. However, it will take time (and some tedious work) to consider the integration between the new and old spaces. And there will be limitations in the changes/transformations that can be made. Sometimes the existing structure just won’t be able to accommodate that beautifully large vision of yours. Still though, if you’re just after a simple fix up, a renovation will do fine.

A new build on the other hand, doesn’t have the blessed familiarity of the renovation option – but maybe the refreshing nature of big change is exactly what you want! If you’re home is already showing its age, and you’re looking long-term, a new build makes sense. You can compile all your dreams and ideas into a space perfect for you and your family – ready to be called home. This process of course is more expensive, time-consuming and significant than a renovation. You would, for example, have to consider relocating yourself during the rebuild. However, starting over expands your options drastically – from a structural, design and lifestyle perspective.

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