New Build Homes:

Building a new house is an exciting time. It’s also one of the biggest investments you will make in your life. Choosing the right Builder is paramount to the success of your new home. Between you the client, the Architect and the Builder, taking every possible step to avoid delays, keep costs under control, and deliver the vision in your architect’s plan.

Quality workmanship is guaranteed when you choose us. Here are some of the ways we ensure we deliver quality workmanship on every project we work on:

  • Contributing advice in the design stage based on our experience to ensure the plans and specification can be delivered within your budget
  • Planning the building work and scheduling each part of the process
  • Appointing trusted subcontractors
  • All construction work on and off-site
  • Project managing the construction work on-site
  • Managing the suppliers
  • Managing the budget
  • Identifying issues with the build as early as possible and developing a solution
  • Checking each aspect of the build for quality and rectifying any issues that may arise
  • Finishing the outside areas of your home, including landscaping, as well as building outside entertainment areas, decking and fences


1. Initial Contact

You have decided you want to start your building project. When you make contact with us at New Level Solutions, we will first email you a questionnaire to complete and return to us. It is important that you share the information you have relating to your project as best as you can. This gives us a better understanding of what you are wanting to achieve with your build so we know how we can best help you.

At this point we will call you to schedule you into a no-obligation site meeting. This ensures we are on the same page with the vision you have and that we cover everything efficiently.

2. Site Visit

We have scheduled a site visit with you to discuss your vision and the questionnaire in more detail. At this point we are looking more in depth of the scope of works required to fulfil your vision. This is an opportunity for you to ask any questions relatable to your project and share any idea’s you have. This information could be about the plans you have or site section information you hold. If you don’t have the information available at this time of meeting, don’t worry we are happy to make recommendations to you.

3. Meet with the Architect

After the site meeting, we will then meet with your chosen architect or the architect we have recommended to you to gather all the information we need in order to prepare your fixed price quote.

Between you the client, builder and the Architect we will all be working closely together throughout your project to ensure the smooth running of your project is the desired outcome that you wish to achieve.

4. Fixed Price Quote

Given the time and effort that is put in to prepare your quote we do charge a fee. The charge for this fee depends on the size and complexity of your project. Most people like to choose their own designs and this is important knowing what you want when it comes to your budget. Once you have approved your plans, budget and scope of works, we can start gathering the required information we need to prepare you a fixed price quote.

We will then meet with you to go over what the fixed price quote includes to give you a better idea of what your project estimation is likely to be in order to achieve your vision.

5. Sign Contract

You have approved your fixed price quote and are ready to make your vision a reality. You are now ready to sign your fixed price contract.

We will now outline the contract with you in more detail about things such as; unexpected variations or even changes you may want to make throughout the build so that you can keep track of your budget. We will also discuss a start date and work out a project timeline so that you can see the progression of your build from the start to the finish.

6. Communication via Project management software

The most crucial part of the build process is clear communication. This is imperative to the success of your project. We will register you onto our internal Project management software system.

This is a great tool to use that keeps you informed at all times throughout the build. It allows you see the progress of your project each day and allows you to make and or request any variations, track your budget in real time and communicate internally with the builder and in some cases the architect and sub-contractors too.