22 Aug, 2019

What to consider when renovating villas and character homes.

The task of renovating your villa and character home can seem as daunting as it is rewarding. Many of such houses require work to be brought up to modern standards and efficiencies, plus it’s also nice just to show them some a little love and rejuvenate their unique aura, especially in considering character and space. Yet the seemingly extensive work that is required and the threat of them losing the character that makes them special, can make the process seem a lot more intimidating than it has to be. With some good planning, however, renovation (even large projects) can be fun, fulfilling and stress-free. To ensure your experience is the best it can be, here’s a few things to consider when renovating villas and character homes.
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It’s important that when you are renovating your home, you don’t completely abandon everything that makes it special. So consider its character and architectural design – where does it work and where does it not? Sometimes keeping it it simple and trying to enhance its natural beauty is the best step forward. Which brings us to one of the biggest questions you’ll have to ask yourself – should you keep it traditional or take a more modern approach? In spaces like the kitchen, it usually pays to go one way or another – i.e work completely with the home’s architectural character or modernize it wholly. Ultimately these decisions come down to personal taste – with what will you feel most at home?

The floors are another key part to consider when thinking about the home’s character. Wood flooring is a nice direction to go, as it is relatively easy, affordable, long-lasting and stunning. If you’re hoping to keep a more traditional style, then more aged or rustic tones are recommended, while lighter tones a great to evoke a serene modernity.

Also, it can often work best to keep one key character feature around, for example if the ceiling is already quite busy (as they often are in villas), then simple and plain walls may be most effective.

Beyond the character, you also want your home to be practical and spacious – space being something that often needs to be maximised in villas and character homes. Carefully consider wardrobes and shelving to ensure there is enough storage space to meet your needs. By really considering the practical elements of setting up space, your home can become more open and spacious. The tones you use will have its own significance in maximising the depth and space of your home.